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Monday, 3 May 2010

Take your time

I'm putting on the doll suit, it's taking a while because we can't initially locate the right lubricant. Also, I did have it back-to-front the first time which did not help matters. Captain is making sure the studio is warm, fitting bits of the vac bed together then finally has to come and help zip me up because I have slippy, plastic mitten hands.

Kinky sex. It isn't a quick fix. But oh, oh, oh. It is worth it and then some.

On my knees and elbows, my limbs strapped up so I'm poised on all fours. My cunt, mouth and two pinprick eye holes are the only parts of me exposed. He fucks me. I feel amazing. My brain is a melting pool, fuzzy around the edges, like the moments before sleeping. My body, by contrast is wide-awake. I'm wriggling against him, thrusting, moaning and completely lost in the moment, riding high on his pleasure and my own. I love those instances when you seem to catch the wave of sex at just the right point and end up in complete sync - like a closed loop of euphoria. Pushing everything away. It is impossible to think about anything, there is no thinking, there is just fucking. Not quite animalistic, I'm too caught up with his movements. I am his sex doll. And it is fantastic.

He stops and unstraps me, putting me on my back, I let myself be adjusted until he's happy. Missionary is always a strange position. I want to put my arms around him, to feel his skin through my fake plastic hands, press against him. An automated lover. But something doesn't seem quite right about moving whilst in the suit, about deciding what to do rather than responding to him. It's the wrong action for this type of submission. I stop myself and feel him holding me instead, arms around my shoulders, drawing me close and tight. That's better. I open my eyes and can dimly see him looking at me, but can't make out his expression. I hope he's grinning.

Later, in the vac bed, I'm doubly wrapped and safe from the world in two layers of latex. I feel a million miles away from anything outside of this small cocoon of sensation. A hitachi grinds away at my cunt, but I'm too far gone for orgasm. My thighs feel numb, but I'm still squirming. The vibrations hold me in a place of ongoing and deep pleasure that goes on forever, without end or climax. It doesn't concern or upset me, though, I'm deliriously happy where I am. The only moment of panic is when my air flow stops, but that's just a flash in my brain, vanishing quickly, because the experience is totally different from before. The pause is only brief (eleven seconds, I'm informed later) yet it feels much longer. The air stops and I feel pushed deeper into the blackness as every tiny molecule of air pops out of existence around my face, pressing the latex even harder onto my flesh. I am floating in my own mind, without form, thought or motion. I have rarely been so still or content to be so. This is what mind blowing feels like.

When he stops and lets the air back in I just lie there, unable to move. The ripples of the latex feel like tiny waves, as if I'm lying on my back in the sea, drifting. It takes me a long time, even with help, to crawl out and follow his lead towards the open puppy cage. I still cannot think, or form any sort of human vocal response. I collapse, happily, gratefully, into the cage and close my eyes. The floor is cold, but I don't care. My wobbly limbs and more wobbly mind simply want to rest. Especially here. Locked up safe and sound. A blanket is put over me. I am well cared for. There's a point of sadness when he takes me out, tinged with the ache of my knees as he helps me stand up for what feels like the first time in a long while.

We go upstairs, he the man and I the doll. He follows me up, guiding my hands and keeping me from stumbling on uncertain, trembling legs. Still light headed, a part of me imagines how we look. Dressed and undressed for bed. Skin and plastic. I'm tired, giggly, silly with the pleasure and the sheer joy of it all. I collapse gratefully in bed, curled up on our sides, with his arm around me. Perfectly happy.

Worth every second of the wait.

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L said...

mmm, a cage, you lucky thing!