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Monday, 10 May 2010

May the force be with you

So, Captain and I continued to display our mutual appreciation for showing off and being silly by heading over to Subversion on Saturday in BDSM renditions of a silver latex Boba Fett and mostly blue but actually naked Twi'Lek slave girl respectively. We were joined by Boy Wonder who managed the least clothed version of Darth Vader I have seen (shiny latex shorts maintained dignity). I had an awful lot of fun spending the afternoon curled up by Captain's feet painting, sticking and building costume for the pair of us, thus combining my love of geekery, kink and Getting Creative and Making Things.

Painting myself blue was something I'd wanted to do for ages, but had been lacking in a good excuse. As the colour spread over my skin my features vanished and I became strange and unusual. I love dress up. Being able to put on a different form and the escapism and sheer, stupid joy of play that comes with it. Sometimes we can take ourselves too seriously (especially when we want to be taken seriously on the scene, or known as being safe, sane and consensual players) - this was a good opportunity to kick back and muck around.

"Come on then, let's punish the dalek"

"I'm a Twi'lek"

"Blue thing, whatever"

Which is how we ended up re-enacting a comedy routine in the centre of the club. I'm tied to the gallows winch, up on my tip-toes in front of a smiling audience. Captain is hitting everything except for me, because the visor offers extremely limited vision, I'm giggling and wriggling about and playing to the crowd. After we've raised enough laughs, he begins in earnest. It's a new flogger and I'm falling a little in love with it. Just enough weight, just enough stinging and just enough thumping. I like floggers best of all the impact toys - the balance between the heft and the bite gives them a short initial burst of fresh sharp pain which then tingles and glows into a firmer, warmer sensation as it spreads. All the better when built up. And it does build.

He's concentrating on my arse, which (naturally) I'm wiggling to good effect, appreciating how this must look in my mind's eye - some version of a nerd fantasy, no doubt. And that pushes my buttons too. The audience watching, either amused or turned on or better yet a mix of the two. And the build of the flogger. I push myself out towards him, feeling moisture between my legs as I get turned on. I haven't had sex for a while and I'm fairly horny, this kind of play always makes me want to fuck, the pattern of the warmth caused by the pain is perfect foreplay and I can actually feel the beginning of an orgasm start to build. Just light, but absolutely, definitely there. Later, after an extremely long shower to get rid of most of the blue (he didn't want to fuck a blue alien lady...) I'm allowed to masturbate to orgasm, which I do in a handful of seconds.

Looking forward to the next silly night out.


M said...

Twi'lek costume. That is, quite simply, one of the hottest ideas for a cosplay (is it cosplay if you are naked?) i've ever heard.

I spent much of my early prepubescence admiring the sourcebooks and visual dictionaries of the star trek universe when I was younger; before even knowing that my affinity was a sexual arousal. Needless to say that picture of oola eventually got used in many fantasies i had.

If I happened to obtain any palpatine costumes I wouldn't need a reason to wear it. Power is sexy, intelligence is sexier, beating mace windu and yoda is the eternal orgasm. I'm probably more a xizor though :(

what a lovely combination of geek and kink. I'm definately going to look up pictures of star wars alien ladies later...oh, and palpatine.

Always a pleasure to read your posts,

Anonymous said...

"he didn't want to fuck a blue alien lady..."


This is my first visit here and am going to have a wee look around some more. James recommended you!


electronic doll said...


There was a rather handy online image resource entitled "sexy blue women" which was rather a lot of fun.

Being blue was a bit of a blast from the past for me as my first ever kinky relationship was with someone who had a serious yen for painted ladies.

I don't know what it is about the alien aspect that makes it sexy - perhaps it's the lure of the exotic or the strange, the fact that it marks one out as "not a person" or perhaps the fact that basically, you are naked...

electronic doll said...


Hello and welcome aboard! Look forward to hearing from you.