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Saturday, 22 August 2009

I know I said I was away but...

I did have to share this little titbit - a free hour or so prompted me to see what any of my online accounts might have to offer me by way of entertainment. I have a memo asking me if I would like to watch "4 or 6 guys wanking in front of me for the sexual frisson of it"

No. I don't think I do. Sounds like some sort of terrible Wanky Man Cabaret. Especially given that the note was addressed "Dear Little Lady". Now, if the message had read "4 or 6 attractive hardbodied guys tie each other up and tease the fuck out of each other under your precise instruction" I would be all ears. The bits of me that weren't melting into a bucket, that is.

So here goes: "Dear Little Men, please try this...."

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