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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Back together

Life is a lot more settled now, and I'm finally able to get back into the swing of things. I'd hesitate to say that things are "normal" (heaven forbid!) but certainly both the flesh and the spirit are willing and able once again. Which is nice.

Shuttered Lens came over last week to take some shots for his book, I got to feel very pampered and indulged whilst lazing on a chaise longue twined with black rope, on my knees on the bed coiled in red rope and spending a sunny few minutes balancing a sheet of glass as a luxury-grade coffee table. One of the ties involved having length after length wrapped tighter around my neck, then up across my face to serve as both gag and blindfold. This hit a lot of my buttons, from the exotic captive through to the pleasant dreaminess of mild oxygen deprivation. The neck is a very sensitive area, exposed throat, lots of blood flow, as well as being that strange spot where the brain seems to connect to the body. He pressed his fingers against my neck and face and the world spun, blackening from the edges. When he released I felt a rush of euphoria, with that first breath after a pause, resurfacing but also feeling a little deeper than before, reminded of the pleasure in giving up and letting go, of being done to.

We talked a bit afterwards, about possible future plans. Both The Photographer and I are interested in more play dates, we like the dynamic of being arranged and controlled. Of being put just so, for the amusement of someone else.

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