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Monday, 19 January 2009

Nice and smooth

I like smooth things. Shiny, hard, glistening tight-fitting lines with no edges, slick metal, plastic, rubber and glass. Streamlined erotica. Part of it must be my fascination with objectification, with robots and dolls: the non-human humanoids that are created and constructed, another perhaps stems from my love of things being just-so, therefore the pristine glimmer of these materials appeals to my aesthetic as well as sexual appetite. I think it's also about the alien aspect to it, how much like not-flesh it is, even when it conceals flesh, perhaps even more so, until it becomes a veneer or carapace of desire that shapes and moulds the imperfect body into a perfect shape for being used. And for using.

I have a new, favourite toy. It is a slim glass dildo with a hooked end and a thin spiral ridge running down it. It pushes a lot of my buttons. To start with, it is pretty to look at, I've never liked penetration toys that aped penises in their looks, part of me finds them funny, another part just finds them a little odd. I like my toys to look elegant and feel a little like tools for pleasure in and of themselves rather than substitutes for something else. It also feels superb, cold, hard and frictionless. Knight of Wands is also quite partial to it, I can tell by the way his eyes light up when he sees it.

I'm wet by the time he pushes it into my cunt and he does so very slowly, so I gasp as each ridge presses against my muscles, the spirals making it feel like the dildo is swirling, even though it is not, and the hook at the end teasing and tapping in that pressure-sensitive spot on the front wall giving a perfect feel of pleasure mixed with pain. Too good to stop, too much to carry on. We carry on. I'm bound and gagged, just starting to feel the saliva build behind the ball and relishing the thought of it starting to run past my lips. For whatever reason, the animal persona we'd be playing with has retreated for the moment and I feel more like a human prisoner, helpless and used. He's fucking me in the arse whilst pressing the dildo deep into me and enjoying the sensations created through the thin layer of flesh that separates the glass ridges from his cock. The realisation that he's using the toy to play with himself sends me a little deeper into the captive warmth of subspace, as I rock against him, matching his movements with mine. Becoming that idealised toy, around a core of glass.

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