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Sunday, 1 May 2011


Just returned home elated and energised from one of the best intimate private parties I've ever been to. I very nearly didn't show because I am wrapped up in the tedium and frustration of house moving and was feeling a little tired and sorry for myself. Which just goes to show how uplifting good BDSM experiences can be: I'm wide awake, hungry, horny and happy. As I write this I'm eating all the food in the house, planning on an excess of masturbation and a long gym session tomorrow. And grinning.

The event was quite specific - boys were going to get fucked in the arse by women. I knew a small number of people going, but it was refreshing to meet - and play with - people I didn't know. There were a number of things that made the day really work for me. First, it wasn't my event, so I didn't have any of the concern over planning or playing hostess. It was also extremely well organised, with lots of lovely touches: cissy maids to answer the door and wait on the women hand and foot. There was an unexpected ratio, for some reason I'd anticipated there being more women than men but there were more of the latter. Usually that imbalance would concern me, but because the invite list had been well controlled, and because the party itself was tailored to strap-on fucking we all knew what we were here for which reduced the pre-amble (or messing about, as it can also be called).

I had a lot of fun with Boy Wonder, helping kick things off by tying him down to a bench, slowly lubing him up with latex gloved fingers (I love the snap as they go on) then fucking him with my vibrating strap-on. I like pulling his hair so his spine arches and his mouth opens in an O of surprise and pleasure. Throughout the evening I kept fucking him, taking the opportunity of Dandy's arrival to assert every woman's right to a show of boy-on-boy. I love the way they complement each other physically and are able to be tender, allowing me to be harsh. I alternated the pair of them between fucking them in the arse whilst they were tied, arms spread and the other sucked their cock.

I love the depth of sub-space that arse-fucking gives - the glassy, dreamy look that follows the moans and whimpers as I fuck deeper and harder. The way that the face becomes slack and the body just starts to wriggle and weave as if dancing to an unheard beat. There is a particular sensation to taking that kind of control, especially given the lack of physical feedback or feeling from the cock itself. The response comes from their whole body, you develop a second sense of how they are feeling from how they are holding themselves, the noises, the way they move against you. It also comes from experience, and being able to use that personal skill and knowledge is very powerful. As someone said: "that's me, making them do that." It's a very dominant sexuality that comes right from forcing pleasure - and pain - out of another body. It requires patience, of a sort, or rather, the longer you do it for, the more you can do. As they get more and more fucked they let go more and more, sinking further into the experience, and become able to go even deeper. The power lies in managing that, in riding the vicarious waves of body-shocks, and controlling their descent.

I am still in awe of a spectacular scene I watched in which a woman fisted and fucked her boy, with the largest dildo I have ever seen, and he came over and over again. After each time we applauded. His entire body twisted as if current was running through it and he went through several octave's worth of ascending moans, shrieks and gasps. Then did it again. By the end his legs were shaking so hard he could barely hold himself on all fours to be fucked again. But he did, inarticulate with pleasure, giggling and staring unseeing at his audience whilst she laughed and called him her baby. It was one of the most erotic things I've seen.

As the night wore on, and particularly after that ice-breaker, the event really warmed up. Unlike many parties there were no wallflowers. Everyone fucked. Everyone got fucked. The energy in the room was very friendly and fun, which really helped - there was a lot of laughter and camaraderie as the boys encouraged each other to strip down and take cock; equally having a group of like-minded ladies around helped spur the strap-on wielders to deeper levels of fucking.

I enjoyed being ably to play on a number of different levels and with different boys, I enjoyed all of it immensely, and being able to watch other women play, as well as how other men experienced strap-on fucking has given me lots of ideas. I gave very slow and delicate explorations with someone I knew to be new to anal play and very nervous - lots of lube, mostly fingers and a small amount of anal beads. I also delivered some heavy beatings and violent fucking to a cheeky bastard - almost the definition of asking for it. By the end of the evening we had a designated sofa for "broken boyflesh" (their term, not ours) where the naked, fucked boys piled around each other, under blankets and with water and sweeties, until they had stopped shaking and could form words, like "thank-you."

I do hope there's another one. And soon.


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Love your description. Sounds like a wonderful evening and every sissies' dream. Particularly loved the fisted sissy and her waves of orgasm.