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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

New boy in class

Friday was surprisingly busy for me - I thought that I would just spend a couple of hours in the company of The Ladies Who... then return home, however once needles had gone in and out, I remembered why I always pack my Just In Case and got changed into something a little less comfortable to go to the Camden Munch. By the time we arrived it had already turned from a munch and was well on the way to being a party - a number of submissives were tied together in some sort of competitive bondage conga line and drinks were flowing freely. I spent a very happy hour or so saying "hello" to people including Captain who was one of the event organisers, before spying a rather good looking chap amidst the rope pile and was feeling decidedly "want-take-have". Rossetti and I had been discussing only recently the need for more men on the scene, and this seemed as good a time as any to take an active role in making that happen. So, feeling only a bit predatory, and rather buoyed up by that feeling I took him under my wing and back to the after-party.

I like showing people around the scene - there's something about introducing them to something new, something that they had perhaps hoped for. It's also good to be able to see everything through someone else's eyes and Blondie's enthusiasm was catching, he had a grin from ear to ear. When people smile in the presence of so much rubber, leather, buckles and metal there's really only one thing to do and that's to put your arms around them from behind and press against the back of their knees until they fall to the ground. It's only polite, after all?

A part of me was a bit surprised at what I did - I'm normally a lot more patient and pre-planned, but it seemed like an opportunity had presented itself to me and that it would be silly to pass it up. And I quietly whispered in his ear to tap his hand twice if there were any problems - I always like that moment, like telling someone to hold on tight because it's going to be a bumpy ride, the signal that things are going to happen. And that they might not like them.

As it turns out I was very gentle - the crowd present plus the fact that I did not know him or his body meant that I went slow and easy. Something fun. Which meant collar, ball gag, public stripping and a bit of light teasing and pinching. I like using my hands, to get the feel of someone else's skin and flesh beneath my fingertips. You get all the twitches, fits and starts that way, plus you can hear their moans through their chest so it doesn't matter how loud the music is. It's funny how my mind splits into two directions during the early stages of play - one side is concerned and a little hand wringing "oooh, careful, he made a little squeak, watch out, is that part of him going pink?" and the other part (a much bigger part) is giggling and clapping its hands whilst going "again! again! again!" I like to think that I am a cool, unruffled and terribly serious dominant but may have to accept that I am actually more of an evil, gleeful child. Still, it's called play for a reason, no?

I smiled (smirked) to myself as I discovered his very sensitive chest area: it's always a good sign when someone closes their eyes in that slow-lidded blissed-out way. I could feel his cock go hard against the light tapping of my fingers and mentally filed him under possibly CBT candidate - certainly he'd seemed keen to try a number of activities - and enjoyed the vibrations from his muffled moan as I kissed his lips around the ball gag, liking withholding as much as I liked what I was taking. And looking forward to taking some more.


Mossling said...

"again! again! again!"

This is such a good way of describing it!

More men. Need more men.

M said...


Now that's something. I heard about the Camden munch, I was thinking about going although life is very busy to even start thinking about carnal or jovial things.

It sounds like the crowd acted in an overt way at a munch. Maybe it's me, but isn't that against the remit of a munch to go explicitly kinky?

Maybe it's a Camden thing, Camden, after all, is a place unto itself; punks, metallers, cyberdog, and the UK's best airsoft and tactical gear shop all at once. Maybe the notion of a Camden munch is an oxymoron. It's a shame there isn't enough black metal or an antiquarian academic bookshop in camden, then it would be my spiritual home. Alas.

I'm glad you had your fun. Assertive women are the best kind. Inside or outside a kink setting :)

Always appreciating your posts,

njbh86 said...

There's not really much to say except... lucky Blondie :)

njbh86 said...

FYI - this is analogboyuk, I just got a Google account and it's easier. Can probably delete this one, I just thought it best to let you know :)

Richard said...

i'm exploring my kinky side and have discovered that where as i thought i was Dom i'm actually submissive. Anyway enough about me, i loved your post, thanks for sharing


electronic doll said...


You said it, lady.

So, shall we head into town with a big net and wander about going "hey, baby - does this smell of chloroform to you?"

*looks up van rental*

electronic doll said...


Yeah, the munch did get a little exciteable - nothing that I would consider unacceptable on a Friday night in a private area of a bar in Camden though, although there is a thought about renaming it as a party, given that it doesn't quite have the chilled out chat vibe.

electronic doll said...


Hello - and thank you for the comment clarity. x

electronic doll said...


Hello and welcome aboard.