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Friday, 17 September 2010

Easy come, easy go?

After a couple of email exchanges in which we realised that any and all meet ups were going to be both ad-hoc and not any time soon I've decided to stop play with Ten. Long distance orgasm denial, masturbation management and chastity rules are fine as long as there are regular hands-on sessions to provide reinforcement and filthy memories to look back upon fondly. Training needs contact time. Which we didn't have.

I'm not crying into my coffee (black, no sugar) over it, though I was initially a little saddened because I'd been doing some planning for his arrival. I'm a great believer in only doing things - and people - if you can do them properly. We were getting to the point where the ritual around how and when he could masturbate had become unfulfilling for both of us. The impetus was lost and with that can came a sense of diminished intimacy and responsibility to each other and to the power exchange. In short, we were flagging and I hate the sensation of not doing well enough, either as a top or a bottom.

We've known each other for long enough to both accept when things aren't working, so there was very little fuss, just a footnote that we'll keep in touch. We've managed for ten years, let's see what happens next decade.


InkedSkin said...

I'm sorry to hear that is has ended, especially after such a long time, but, I do applaud the maturity and mutual respect involved in making the decision. I am sure it was a hard one.

electronic doll said...


We're old lovers and we've had more time apart than together, so I think we've both been viewing any time when we do get together as a nice addition rather than expecting anything from each other. I imagine I will see him again, but there's not a lot of point in trying to keep up with anything intense if there's no consistency.