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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Going out - Part 2

I am a little hesitant about needle play, so when it was put on the table by Mixed Doubles I bravely volunteered The Photographer to be the ideal subject. I'm not scared, per se, but I've spent a fair amount of time in hospitals so needles have an association with being ill, endless blood tests and such like. I'm not concerned they will hurt, I'm fairly sure that they will, I'm more concerned that will be all they will do. Just sit there. Hurting.

It is, however, fascinating to watch. I am
looking at him, and Mixed Doubles, and at the little crowd that has gathered to observe the tiny operating theatre. He is stripped to the waist, lying face up on the cream leather doctor's chair, recently shaven chest smooth and exposed. I can observe him in a way that I never get the chance to when I'm topping him - I don't need to think about what to do next or how he is feeling. I can just watch. It's a nice sensation, the knowledge that he is about to enjoy himself, and see just how that enjoyment is going to pan out. I I wonder how he feels right now - he looks serene, is he nervous at all? He closes his eyes almost immediately, a small smile on his lips. He's done this before and knows what's coming.

There's a process to it, a kind of ritual. Antiseptic wipes are applied, gloves are pulled on with the precision and showmanship of a professional magician. The first needle goes in about an inch above his pierced nipple. Its a brisk, practised movement, in-and-out. There's a pause, he's holding his breath I think, but he is so calm that it's hard to tell. Then a small exhalation, a tiny "ah" noise. The matching needle goes in on the other side, there's an art to this, clearly, making a pattern in flesh, a creation that looks right. He's a canvas, or a sampler, perhaps. They are both working on him, inserting needles in tandem. He is quiet, as usual, but a little play with the needles, wriggling them this way and that makes his head jerk, the funny grimacing gesture of the pleasure-pain response - eyes bright when they flutter open, teeth showing as lips part, moans.

And he's done. Six neat little strips of metal. Three on each side. He's still for a while, enjoying the sensation he later described as a high, a phenomenal high. He's not still for long, because a violet wand is plugged in, and he jerks upwards as the sparks flash across the needles. He bends double, almost, half laughing, half moaning with the "oh my god" intensity of it all. I grin too, and we all share smiles. It's a nice grouping, him writing under the two Doms working on his chest, me nearby, post-play content wrapped up in his jacket, enjoying watching them enjoy him. Fun for everyone.

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