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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Party favours

I think that I have finally found the correct use for OKCupid, and no, it's not purely for the lols, although there are many and they would be funnier if they weren't so painfully true. It is a shopping site to get men for sex parties.

Let me wind back a little, my extraordinarily beguiling friend, Glamourama, she of the infamous hen party and I were having dinner a couple of nights ago and discussing an upcoming private sex and play party at hers. There was a good and varied list of ladies and a short to the point of being absent list of men. I'm happy with women-only play parties, but to be frank, we needed more cock. And a very specific kind of cock as well. The sort that plays well with others, isn't scared of (and is possibly quite interested in) playing with other men, the kind that participates rather than expects voyeuristic girl on girl for their viewing pleasure, the sort that is kink-friendly, if not actually kinky.

It's harder than you might think, if you will pardon the pun. Finding the right people for group sex is difficult. Parties are all about balance and getting the mix correct, and that means often you rely on who you know, because, well, you know them. The trouble is, we all know a lot of men, but we don't know a lot of men who fit that bill, who are available and who will work with the people already invited.

As I've commented on before, there are a lot of men who find public play, public nudity and group fucking quite difficult. There are also very, very few single men around on the scene who are open for public sexual experimentation to that extent. The twin problems are "public" and "open". I know many men who are interested in orgies provided they don't have to touch, look at or preferably be in the same room as another naked man. Which is a curious type of orgy, from my point of view. Then there's the whole "naked in public" thing, even though it is a private party, it is a party. There are a lot of men who are looking for that special (submissive) someone to have private bedroom antics and possibly even one of those relationship things. But this isn't going to be a space for that.

Finally, there is something rather liberating about inviting men who you have never met before. It gives me that opportunity to play with stranger sex, to concentrate on the physical rather than the emotional or intellectual parts of relationship management - because we will have no relationship. This isn't to say that I will deliberately hurt their feelings (I may hurt other things) but that something new, with no strings and no stress is exactly what I need right now.

Thus, a plan was formed. I have drafted up a little invitation message, and together with another lady who will also be present we are going to seek out men who fit our bill and interview them. I am prepared for noises of outrage or upset at such an action, but it seems to make perfect sense to me. I have never, ever played or fucked someone without meeting them for a coffee to see whether we clicked, I'm just broadening the project somewhat as well as giving it a rather pleasing dose of efficiency.

Drafting the message was interesting, and I ended up with something like this:

I'm running a kink-friendly sex party on Saturday 10 March for a selection of lovely ladies in SW London.

We are looking for atttractive, open minded and sexually flexible men to join us

You must be:

Confident in group sex situations,

Polite and well mannered (of course you are, naturally)

Kink friendly - there will be bondage and some S&M at the party

Liberal in your attitudes

Comfortable touching, fucking and being naked and sexual around other men - threesomes and moresomes will be happening. You don't have to be bisexual but you must be cool in the presence of cock. We will be happy if want help experimenting...

So if a message like that hits your inbox, you know what is going on.


M said...

I may sound naively flippant, but how could any guy turn that offer down! I suppose body issues, discomfort at seeing other men's genitalia and as you aptly mention, public nudity.

On the other hand, it's a party invitation with lots of nice people and the prospect of kink! That's one helluva pitch, your message will be like the charlie's golden ticket, I suspect. Good luck finding them :)

electronic doll said...


Thank you very much - that has rather made my day!

PleasureSwitch said...

M expresses my thoughts exactly, "golden ticket"... esp if boys are toys...