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Monday, 2 January 2012

Apocalypse list

With the New Year and potential end of the world scenarios looming it's always a good time to review where I am with all things kink. I've been tracking back over previous lists of desire, and smiling to myself to realise that I've done everything on one of my first lists and it's subsequent updates. My original requirements are somewhat different to where I am now, though not just in the most obvious way - that those were submissive wants and needs. Actually the desires remain, I still enjoy a lot of those things. I'm still looking for new experiences, and to learn about myself, my feelings along the way, however it's (mostly) from a dominant perspective: there are still types physical, bottoming BDSM I enjoy, but that's very much from the position of "do this to me because I like it".

With those things in mind, in the year ahead I'm looking forward to doing some more of the things I have recently enjoyed, and learning a few new tricks

  • Genderfuck play, especially games of masculinity and my teenage boy persona.
  • Fireplay, I've love wax play and flicking matches at people so...
  • Single tail whips - something I've never experienced on the receiving end either, so that means I'll need to lie back and take it at some point soon.
  • Bloodplay
  • mFm threesomes
  • Hunting - one for the warmer weather but the idea of chase and capture is very appealing.
  • Needles. Some people like massages, I like getting stuck with pins
  • D/s training - to find someone, potentially Ten, though I'm not counting chickens, to train up to be properly "mine"
  • Hard labour - I do like heavy stocks, irons and watching muscles sweat. I could even pretend to sip a diet coke whilst overseeing the pointless rocks breaking.
And I'm hoping that there will be plenty along the way to divert, amuse and entertain me that I haven't previously considered.

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Adam Dinwoodie said...

Flash cotton may be the best thing ever. My nipple hair has just about recovered from last time I played with it, which probably means I'm due another round.