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Monday, 17 October 2011

Magic number

It's been on my list of desireables for years, to have a boy-girl-boy threesome. The logistics involved in this were surprisingly difficult because of the balance that needed to be achieved. An ideal situation would have been a pair of bisexual boys who also wanted to fuck each other, but that still remains out of my grip, for now.

Even without adding "bisexual" into the mix, trying to find two
men who I was attracted to and who were comfortable being very sexually active in the same room as each other proved to be difficult. There is something curious about the reaction that many men get across their faces when presented with even the idea of touching another man during sex. They look almost afraid. As if flexibility in the bedroom was somehow a bad thing. Wild protestations of being "completely" or "utterly" or "!00%" straight get bandied about which I find deeply irksome, not to mention problematic for my purposes - however would one manage a threesome with two men who could not touch at all, it would be like some dreadful balancing act.

So, I needed men who were comfortable with themselves to not throw a hissy fit at the presence of another masculine body.
I set Mr Smith on this difficult task a long time ago, with the result that our relationship had changed by the time we actually found someone. The guest star was an acquaintance of his who I vetted and recruited from Kinky Salon. They actually made a very good pair, both handsome in different ways, both filthy and both very much up for it. We set a date, exchanged limits and ideas via email then booked a hotel room.

On the night itself we met up for dinner and discussed a little bit more before going to the hotel. I took great satisfaction from positioning myself between the pair of them and must have been grinning like a bastard at anyone who cared to glance in their direction. Smug does not begin to cover it.

The night was to be about sex rather than play, so although I packed a bag of kit we only used a small array of toys. What we did use - in hindsight was probably not such a good idea - was a fair amount of cocaine which I like but didn't really need. As a drug it had become a bit of a mainstay in the play that Mr Smith and I did, and there was certainly something deeply decadent about racking up several lines on a glass mirror then sitting around in our underwear, and ended up (as can happen) being more focused on just chatting and taking the drug than the sex. I think in part it was strange because there was no fixed dynamic and anything which revolves more around "just" sex rather than play, S&M or D/s makes me unsure how to proceed. In the end I just stood up and announced that it was time to have sex - which seemed to work.

We made our way to the bed, leading them by the hand and started to mess around. I kissed one whilst the other licked my clit, one held my arms, whilst the other twisted his fingers inside my cunt. There was something both extremely powerful but also distracting about being the centre of attention. It's actually very difficult to remember precisely what happened at what point because everything started to flow together.
It was a game of moving bodies as I was gradually wrapped around their fingers... and tongues. I let myself be tended, and attended to, smirking as one of them reminded me that this night was "for me". So I lay back and let them work their magic.

We worked our way through a variety of positions, getting more warmed up, more open with each other and I became more confident with the balance and bodies of each of the two men. Just like with any new partner or new dynamic it took a while to appreciate the new smells and physicalities. This did mean, as it always does for me, that orgasm was difficult. Masturbation, with encouragement from those enjoying the show, was the order of the day when I became to turned on and wound up to continue with anything other than a drive to orgasm

There was a lot more give and take than would have been "normal" for a scene, but at no point did I feel like I wanted to do much in the way of play. What I wanted - and what I got - was a lot of fucking, the kind of deep down hard fucking that makes parts of your brain switch off. I remember growling with animal pleasure at one point, as the glass anal plug was slipped inside me then I was fucked - hard - doggy style, wriggling against the pressure.

Double penetration was high on my list of priorities so after a suitable break for both of the boys and a healthy dose of oral sex (it's important to give as good as you get). I got Mr Smith to lie on his back, fucking him whilst I felt other arms around my waist, a hand holding on to my shoulder and a mouth hot against my neck and he slid inside my arse. The sensation was intense, lots of pressure against my muscles and all kinds of waves of pleasure riding up from between my tired legs. We fucked for a long while until everyone was orgasm-ed out before collapsing asleep, myself between the pair of them, warm, safe and very well satisfied.

Looking forward to doing it again.

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