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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Material girl

I've been sorting through my wardrobe, filling it with the lovely fabrics and colours of autumn and winter; getting rid of all the silly summer dresses that make me uncomfortable (people seeing my naked legs in clubs is perfectly fine, people on the street is less fine). This has made me think about the types and styles of clothes that are not just sexy, but kinky. Silk, for example is sexy, the cool feel of it against skin, the way it slides over the body. It's not kinky though, not to me - it's comfortable and wonderful to slip on a wrap after a play session and relax into each other. Sexy. But not kinky. Stockings are sexy, but ripped tights, especially along the knees from crawling on something sharp, or long marks from fingernails are kinky.

I know a lot of folk are fond of leather, certainly it has good background, not only as a tough and durable material for all sorts of straps and cuffs but associations of armour, both historic and modern. Similarly, the armour quality also works on a metaphorical or symbolic level - who has not put on a leather coat and felt a little stronger, a little more powerful? Whether bikers, rock stars, cowboys or maverick cops leather has an association with that kind of individuality that binds certain people together. It's a tribal marking, encapsulated in the kinky-verse by the word "leatherman" to give a good example.

For me, pvc is the ultimate kinky fabric. I love the way it shines, especially black pvc clinging tight to curves and edges. It reminds me of robots, mannequins and sex dolls - the pvc acting as a fake, plastic "skin" that turns the body into a kinky body. I like the way pvc feels slightly tacky and sticky, especially from the inside, when it begins to sweat a little. Even better, plastic wrap for a mummy - held tighter than a lover could ever manage, and with pressure exerted from everywhere - total encasement, with the added knowledge that you must look, from the outside, like a perfect, shiny, somewhat alien pod. Ready for something to emerge.

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